As superyachts grew in length over the years, so did the vast selection of water toys to ensure your time out on the sea is as fun as it possibly can be. Water toys are capable of offering great time for guests of all ages, no matter how long or where you will be cruising. From submersibles to inflatables, there is a water toy for everyone. We have rounded up our selection of best water toys and how they will fit to your Mengi Yay yacht. 

For Family Fun:

  1. Yacht slide

FunAir offers customised slides for your superyacht’s needs or you can buy stock slides through our QuickShip Program for mid-range yachts – which is especially helpful for charter yachts – that they ship in just few days. All FunAir slides are designed to prevent slide burns and with self-lifting technology slides can lift themselves. Due to RapidFlate system FunAir slides has faster inflation. In terms of design of your yachts, FunAir uses the latest 3D CAD technology to design their products to fit your boat seamlessly.

(POA), FunAir  

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2. Climbing wall

Launched in 2013, climbing walls continue to be a must water toy for superyachts. According to FunAir, you can choose either water entry or deck entry for your inflatable climbing wall or ask for custom climbing wall for your superyacht’s requirements. 

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3. Sea pools

Sea pools offer a safer swimming experience without unwanted encounter with sea creatures such as jellyfishes or drifting away during a current. With various sizes and options for different needs and age groups, sea pools are ideal water toy for a safe and fun day with family and friends.

(POA), FunAir  

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For Underwater Exploration:

  1. Project Neptune – Limited Edition

Submersibles offer an exceptional luxury by letting the owner explore under water in style. Trinton Submarines created Project Neptune by collaborating with Aston Martin resulting in a sleek design capable of diving to depths of 500 metres with 3 passengers while weighing 4,200kg and standing 1.9 meters tall and have 8 hours battery power. Project Neptune can easily fit into your deck area or tender garage. According to Trinton ‘in developing Project Neptune’s propulsion system, the teams were challenged to create a submersible that dives as an Aston Martin drives; with a comfort and potency that is endlessly enjoyable’. Aston Martin inspired by their limited production $4 million hypercar, the Aston Martin Valkyrie with 6 colours to choose from. This is the only submersible with Aston Martin wings on.

(POA), Trinton Submarines

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2. Triumph 3 Person Model

Seamagine’s Triumph 3 Person Model can dive between 200 to 450 meters with 2 passengers and 1 pilot. Size and weight for this model can be modified according to the superyacht owners’ requirements. According to Seamagine ‘The Triumphs’ patented flotation system that the luxury submarines are exceptionally stable on surface to ensure solid operational characteristics’ and when the underwater exploration comes to an end, submarine can easly be docket to the yacht. 

($1-3 million), Seamagine

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For working out:

  1. Red shark bike board

This product turns your gym session to a fun water activity. Designed in different models – Enjoy, Fitness and Race – in order to suit every workout expectation, the owner may possibly have. Red Shark Bike truly a must-need for superyachts. The Race model is made entirely out of carbon-fibre and suitable for those adventure seekers, while other two models are both inflatable and offers a more relaxed experience.  

($5,783-$11,570), Red Shark Bikes

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2. Mirage Eclipse Pedalboard 

Rather than having a pedal machine, Mirage Eclipse ACX Pedalboard offers same amount of exercise but on crystal clear waters with having fun as a bonus. Simply go from your yacht to your pedal boat on water in minutes with minimal setup. 

(Starting from $2,799), Hobie

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For Documenting Your Memories:

  1. Robo-Shark 

Robo-Shark by Robosea, ia a bionic underwater drone which takes the real shark as the prototype, with the motion being generated by the three-joint caudal fin. The Shell is designed wit takes the real shark as the prototype, with the motion being generated by the three-joint caudal finh sound-absorbing material can travel up to 10 knots with a maximum depth of 300 meters.

(POA), Robosea

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2. MITO underwater drone – Navatics

Equipped with 4K video camera, live streaming addition and underwater photography, MITO is an easy to pilot underwater drone with LED lights and a range of 600 yards and can dive as deep as 40 meters. Due MITO’s active stabilization algorithm in a 4-thruster design for depth and tilt it guarantees stability and control when exploring deep waters.

($1,499), Navatics

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For Adrenaline Seekers: 

  1. Quadski

If you like to own a jet ski, that can also transform into an ATV whenever you would like to explore the land, then the Quadski by Gibbs is for you.   Powered by a 4-cylinder BMW Motorrad K1300 engine and built with lightweight carbon composite, it can reach up top 45mph both on water and on land. Transition from sea to land can be completed in less than 5 seconds. Quadski eliminates the need for two different vehicles for land and water and offers a package deal of fun and excitement. 

(POA), Gibbs

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2. Hoverboard 

Hoverboard by Zapata ‘is a hydro-powered board that allows its user to move and surf freely over the water’. Hoverboard offers an easy navigation with a speed of 40km/h and allows the user tor is up 8 meters above the water. Hoverboard can be operated by a remote control. This product lets the owner surf freely and guarantees entertaining journey.

(POA), Zapata

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3. Seabob F5 SR with camera

SEABOB F5 SR is the most powerful water toy in its series. With 7 power levels and 45 newtons, the SEABOB F5 SR’s E-Jet Power System produces a strong propulsive force. SEABOB F5 SR has two rear fins for driving stability. These rear fins improve the manoeuvrability during diving trips. One of the most attractive features of SEABOB F5 SR is that it can be equipped with integrated camera technology on request to capture unique experiences. There is a full-HD camera as a recording system in the watercrafts’ bow and this camera can save the whole trip with a push of a button. Furthermore, an additional full-HD camera is found on the information display. This camera is an integrated sensor-controlled Action-Selfie-Cam. All recording then can be transferred to any smartphone or other storage media with WLAN technology. They offer 5 different colours and number of exclusive designs. Owner can ask for a unique design for their SEABOB F5 SR according to their own taste. 

($17,480), SEABOB

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Further Extensions to Maximise the Fun:

  1. C-dock 

C-dock by Nautibuoy offers a ‘garage’ on sea for securely connecting your water toys – especially SEABOB’s. Furthermore, you can use C-dock as additional deck space to your superyacht. For those who own a SEABOB, c-dock can also be used a controlled training ground for those who need extra guidance. 

(POA), Nautibuoy Marine

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Where to put your water toys on a Mengi Yay yacht?

Each Mengi Yay yacht is custom made for the owners’ expectations and desires. As long as the owner asks for more deck space or a garage to place their water toys, it can be done. For example, in Virtus 44 features a chic aft Beach Club with 60m2 of leisure space maximizing easy access to the marine life and a offers a comfortable place to unwind. Although accommodating a 5.2-metre-long tender, Virtus has plenty of space for sunbathing and install your water toys. Also, thanks to its sleek design there is a further compartment to fit your water toys that is not visible from outside.

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