Mengi-Yay Yachting Broke The Mould With The Virtus

Turkey’s  the oldest and long-established  yacht producer Mengi-Yay Yachting,  broke the mould with the Virtus 44m one more time. Sectors lead force Mengi-Yay Yachting continues to play as a  playmaker with the unique designs  and modern architechture. The Virtus is  4 meters long, has 8.8 meters  width , 5 cabinets,10 beds, 4 crew compartments and two 1450 horse  power motor. Virtus has 16 sea miles maximum speed with two  1450 horse power  motors, 12 sea mile convoy speed and 10 mile economic speed.  Its range is 10 knots fast 3.200 sea miles. Engineering design of Virtus belongs to Ginton Naval Architechts and interior/exterior  design belongs to VYD Yacht Design.

Project Engineer Yuşa Demir: When I learnt about the features I really felt excited

Project Engineer  Yuşa Demir indicates he heard about the production of a new boat in June 2017 and says’’ This boat was  very special and unique design piece with  steel, aluminium, and 44m length. It was designing by VYD Studio and Engineering by Ginton Naval Architect.  When I heard the features my excitement increase incrementally.’’  ‘’Boat was still in the designing part and by the time passed it become  something  very charming. We started to work very hard to finish the boat in time we planned.’’ Because of the boat made for sale he says they  worked very rigorous in everything, and he underlines they  worked  pretty hard on  selecting the materials, details on the boat and workship of the Project.

It was one of the most special and joyous timepices of my entire life

Project Engineer Yuşa Demir,’’With an intensive work program untill the end of July 2019, The Virtus become  able to launch. Before launching  you could’ve read the excitement from everybodies eyes. It was very special for me. In my entire life this was the most excited but the most joyous timepiece. We were preparing the boat for launching at the same time we were feeling the excite of the result of 23 months.’’

A launching method that I have never experienced

Project Engineer Yuşa Demir ‘’Mengi-Yay Yachting is literally a school’’. ‘’We were about to make a different launch, Launching with pool. When everything on board is ready, the pools came to shipyard. Everyone was forcing their working power, on 31 July the boat moved from the place it stood for months.

And, expected  moment… Virtus meets with the water…!

The pool moved along the sea and it started to sink in water,  and it was meant to be the moment Virtus meets with the water. It was avictory fort he who0le Mengi-Yay family and me. It was a big pleasure and honor coming after a huge  labor. In the sea all systems completed, and all systems started.  Then the first cruise…  The boast was able to control itself. After  the first cruise we have made many cruises…

Selling The Virtus 

After all then boats class and flag works, certificates completed. A worldwide popular survey organisation checked everything then it sold. 

Virtus sold… Heading to Spain!

After all procedures done Virtus headed to Spain. Though  it was a new  boat  it caused zero problem and arrived in Spain.  Now I think about what a big honor for me, Mengi-Yay and for Turkey…

Captain Uçan: For 30 hours we stuck on international waters, with no phone or internet!

Fort he delivery of Virtus one of the Captains of Mengi-Yay Yachts Kazım Uçan says: ‘’We set sail from Didim on 21.00, We caught to  after the Dar Boğaz we waited for 5-6 hours because of unfavorable weather conditions. We stayed on Missina strait for two and a half days, Italian sea security cam efor passaport check. We stayed on sardinia because of bad weather conditions. We circled around in 20 miles water  for 30 hours. 

We had the chance to test every sea condition 

Boat went to the marina. In this period its stability checked.We’ve been into a storm Virtus passed it. Every kind of condition in the sea we experienced with Virtus. We had the chance to cruise in a silent place. I can say that Virtus is very peaceful about it, it is pretty comfortable about noises. We had no problem with any equipment.

Lockdown in Spain 

The Mengi-Yay Captain Kazım UÇAN indicated that when they went to deliver Virtus the pandemia occured. UÇAN continued: ‘’ Flag Works are done, they said. We arrived to Mallorca at night 23.00. We waited for the morning just because marinas does’nt work at night. In the morning we entered. Government announced  the lockdown in 14 april. Mengi-Yay covered every kind of needs we had for eight days. After that we had a dialog with the consulate, they said they can pick up us with the planes if we  get caught to quarantine, we reported this to Mengi-Yay they sent us a private jet plane, They get us to consulates plane otherwise we would stuck in there.

About Authors

Yusa Demir graduated from Yildiz Technical University with a degree of BEng Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. After the completion of his studies, he continued with internships in various shipyard until settling at Mengi Yay with more than 5 years of experience. He currently works as project engineer for the latest project of the shipyard.

Kazim Ucan has always been the captain of Mengi Yay for delivering and securing the quality of the products and never compromise the overall safety onboard. His extensive knowledge and experience is vital at securing the yacht launches.


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