For centuries, Gulet building has been one of the sole sources of income in Bodrum, Turkey, and nowadays chartering Gulet’s for tourism has become increasingly popular among the south west coast of Turkey. While traditional Gulet’s are still being built, modernised options with steel hulls are also available.  

Spacious structure of Gulet’s becomes a preferable option for many. Gulet’s deck areas being very large offers large sunbathing areas. The Gulet charter option, which is frequently used on blue cruises, has become the common choice of many holiday lovers. The length of Gulet’s vary between 14 meters to 40+ meters. 

Mengi Yay Yachts launched a 47 meters Gulet NB 85 in December 2020 and delivered to her owner in April 2021. NB 85 is an unusual Gulet being custom made with 47m length and spacious interior volumes and modern lines.

Her eye-catching exterior design made by Mengi Yay Yachts and sophisticated interior design undertaken by BTA, NB 85 is a luxurious and versatile gulet with dark wood handrail and dark grey metallic hull. By her spa and spacious Master cabin, NB 85 has features that are not normally found in typical Gulet designs.

The 80 cm side deck areas have been kept quite wide compared to other Gulet’s in order to allow the owner to navigate the yacht comfortably. The food elevator, which has the feature of going first to the hall and then to the flybridge from the kitchen on the lower deck, adds a distinct luxury feature to the NB 85. The cavalry ladder located on the side of NB 85, which was designed as a special concept, enables the owner to reach the sea in the most comfortable way without restricting any deck area. She can accommodate 10 guests and 8 crew. 

The main mast is designed as 44 meters and the stern mast as 36 meters. NB 85 has 2 CAT C18 671 hp main engines and 2 CAT C4.4 51 kw and 1 CAT C4.4 38 kw total 3 generators and can reach a maximum speed of 12 knots.

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