Çaka Bey was captured in Byzantium in 1078 and sent to Istanbul. During his captivity in Istanbul, he became interested in the sea and seafaring.
Çaka Bey built a shipyard in Izmir that can be considered modern compared to that period.After this stage, shipbuilding activities were started; the first Turkish Navy with 50 pieces consisting of paddle and sailing ships was built in 1081.
Chaka brain’s death in 1095 dealt a major blow to the speed of development of Turkish seamanship, which is a rising value.


The Principality of Aydınoğulları, founded in 1308, has made a great breakthrough in seafaring. With the death of Chaka in 1095, The Silence of Turkish seamanship, which lasted about two and a half centuries, ended with Umur Bey. Umur Bey, who became head of the principality after the death of his father Aydınoğlu Mehmet Bey in 1334, gained great success in the Aegean between 1334 and 1348 against the Byzantines and Genoese; from Rhodes to the Dardanelles, he ensured strict control of the seas, including the shores of the Peloponnese and Rumeli. Umur Bey, who maneuvered against the Crusader army in the form of an extremely aggressive and tactical raid, was killed in one of the tough naval battles in 1348.


Because of his heroism in the wars, he was referred to as “Black” in the sense of daring and brave. Kara Mürsel Bey, who was the First Admiral of the Ottoman Turks and the first ship’s civil engineer, established a naval base and shipyard in Karamürsel. Here, he began to show activity at sea with the “thin navy”he created.

PIRI REIS (1465-1554)

Piri Reis was born in Gallipoli. Piri Reis has traveled the Mediterranean for many years and recorded all his activities.
He drew the famous map of the world in 1513 and presented it to Yavuz Sultan Selim during the Egyptian Expedition in 1517. He wrote The Book 8 years after his first work; in 1525 he gave the book its final form and presented it to Suleiman the magnificent in 1526.
Piri Reis, in his” Navy ” work, described the cities and countries located on the Aegean and Mediterranean coasts at the time, made pictures and maps; he also gave important information for Maritime and Maritime Affairs. In addition to Piri Reis’s unique work “Navy”, there are two world maps that he made in 1513 and 1528.
Piri Reis’s last assignment in the Ottoman navy was the Egyptian captaincy, which ended in bitter events. He was imprisoned here in Basra, the last stop of his second expedition in 1552, for leaving the Navy in need of repair and rest and returning to Egypt with three ships loaded with loot. Accused of defect in service in 1554 and executed edilmiştir.Ne he is still alive today with two maps of the world and Kitab-ı Bahriye, which is considered one of the first important works of modern seafaring, which are works of universal dimension that he created.

TURGUT REIS (1485 – 1565)

Turgut Reis was born in 1485. He worked as a crew on pirate ships
Turgut Reis, who entered the Ottoman civil service in 1550, has become a fearful dream of Europe with his activities in the Western Mediterranean.
Turgut Reis was martyred at the siege of Malta, where he participated despite his advanced Age on 23 June 1565.

KEMAL REIS (1440-1511)

Kemal Reis, the uncle of the famous marine scientist Piri Reis, is believed to have been born in Gallipoli in 1440.
In 1481, when he took his nephew Piri Chieftain with him and opened the seas to start new expeditions, his name was now mentioned among the most famous chieftains of the Mediterranean. Kemal Reis in 1487 Sultan II.He was taken into public service by Beyazit (1481-1512).
After Kemal Reis entered the Ottoman civil service, there was a great change in Ottoman shipping and especially in shipbuilding activities.
Kemal Reis died as a result of his ship sinking in a storm in the Aegean Sea in 1511. In addition to his seamanship, the most important innovation he brought to the Ottoman navy is that he used long-range cannons for the first time


Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha is the most famous captain-I Derya of the Ottoman Empire, XVI. in the century, he gave the Mediterranean to Turkish rule. Because of his red beard, which the Westerners stole the color of carrots, he was known as Barbaros, since they used the name “Barbarossa”, which they gave to his older brother Oruç, and later for Hızır, and he nicknamed Hayreddin Yavuz Sultan Selim.
Barbaros Hayreddin, who became king of Algeria after the death of his older brother Oruç Chieftain, continued to fight the Spanish. Barbaros Hayreddin, whose fame grew on his achievements, was called to public service by Suleiman the magnificent in 1533 and appointed captain-I Deryal of the Ottoman navy.
Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, who lived the Golden Age of Turkish seafaring, made very large and important expeditions for twelve years in his new mission, which he actually started in 1534, and won many victories, especially the Preveze naval victory he won on September 27, 1538. He died in Istanbul in 1546.


Uluç Ali Reis, one of the sailors raised by Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, took part in the Naval Battle of Cerbe in 1560 alongside Turgut Reis
In return for his bravery and renunciation in the Naval Battle of Inebahti in 1571, Sultan II. Selim: Uluç Ali Reise, 28 October 1571 “Kılıç Ali Pasha” by giving the name, Ottoman navy as Captain-ı Derya appointed.
During the fifteen-year period until 1587, when captain-I Derya Kılıç Ali Pasha died, the Ottoman Navy maintained its existence as the most powerful navy in the world.


Salih Reis was born in 1486 and started raiding the seas at a young age. Having achieved many successes, Barbaros entered the service of Hayreddin Pasha. Salih Reis commanded the right flank of Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha’s ships in the Naval Battle of Preveze and made great efforts to win the war.
1543′, Salih and Hasan Reis flocked to the coast of Spain and Catonia and obtained many spoils from here Salih Reis was appointed Beylerbeyli of Algeria in 1551. Salih Reis died in 1556.


At a very young age, he was captured on the Iranian border and bought and raised by a Tekirdağ merchant.
III.Mustafa and I.Algerian Gazi Hasan Pasha, the captain-I-Derya of the Abdulhamid periods, was brought to the head of a Navy that collapsed in all aspects and a non-Navy as captain-I-Derya.
Gazi Hasan Pasha of Algeria, Sultan III.He died in 1790 shortly after being appointed Grand Vizier by Selim.


Piyale Pasha served as captain-I Deryal during the reign of Suleiman the magnificent for 14 years.
Piyale Pasha secured Turkish dominance in the Mediterranean by winning the naval victory of Cerbe against the Crusader Navy on 14 May 1560.
He was with Turgut Reis at the siege of Malta in 1565 and captured the island of Chios the following year.
Piyale Pasha has a large Piyale Pasha Mosque, Masjid, madrasa and Tekke in Kasımpaşa. Piyale Pasha lies with his sons and daughters in the mausoleum next to this mosque.

ORUÇ REIS (1474-1518 )

He is one of four sons of Abu Yusuf Nurullah Jacob Agha, who lives on the island of Lesbos. Along with his brother Elijah Reis, he was thrown into life by trading in the sea. During such an expedition, he became a prisoner to the Knight of Rhodes, and when he was freed from captivity with the help of Hızır Chieftain, he entered the service of the Mamluk Sultan Kansu Gavri.
In 1515, the people of Algiers applied to the fasting Chieftain to free themselves from the Spanish, and the fasting Chieftain accepted this call of the Algerians. He soon dominated the city and worked with his brother to organize the administration in Algeria. Hızır Reis assumed control of the eastern part of Algeria and Oruc Reis assumed control of the western part. The year 1518 was a disastrous year for the Barbaros brothers. In the Battle of the Spanish ships to retake Algeria from the fasting Chieftain, his brother Isaac was killed by the Spanish, and then the fasting Chieftain again died in a battle with the Spanish.

MURAT REIS (16.Century)

Murat Reis started his maritime career in Algeria with piracy.During the reign of Suleiman the magnificent, he entered the service of the Ottoman navy.
He participated in the Preveze naval battle against the Crusaders in 1538. His success in the war increased his reputation.
In 1552, Murat Reis was appointed head of the Suez captaincy after Piri Reis was defeated in a battle with the Portuguese.
Finally, he fought the Maltese in front of the Cypriot port of Paphos. In the battle called” Black Hell Cengi”, Murat Reis was martyred and buried in Rhodes.


Ali Hungarian Reis is a famous Turkish sailor who lived in the 16th century. He is best known for his maps and Maritime work
The world-famous Atlas of the Hungarian Chieftain Ali consists of seven maps. In the Atlas, which consists of 18 pages, maps drawn on leather parchment cover an area of 31×43 CM on seven double pages. The first six maps included in the Atlas are typical of 16th-century Ottoman naval maps. The last one is a map of the world.

SEYDI ALI REIS (1498 – 1562)

One of the Ottoman sailors who gave works in the field of geography in the 16th century was Seydi Ali Reis.
He was appointed Indian captain on 02 December 1553 and was tasked with bringing the Indian Seas Fleet based in Basra to Egypt. This mission also provided unique works in the field of geography and cartography. Sejdi Ali Reis, while writing Muhit, used previously written works and sailors who had already navigated these waters, as well as added their own knowledge and experience to the book.
The work, which consists of ten parts, is an important atlas prepared for the Indian seas.
The area (Ocean) has received interest in the Western world, and some parts of it have been translated into various languages. Katip Çelebi, writing his famous work Cihannuma Javanese, Sumatra, Ceylon and other islands information from Muhit. In his work “Mirat’ul Memalik (mirror of countries)”, written in 1557, Sejdi Ali Reis wrote an adventurous journey from Basra to Istanbul that lasted three years and seven months. In addition, this work contains information about his own history.
Sejdi Ali Reis died in Istanbul in 1562.

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