Design Approach:

We approach the design globally, like a sculpture, only after having a global proportioned design in place we intervene on the detailing, usually independently by the areas of the yacht. As the technology advances more possibilities and complex shapes become accessible. Usually a contemporary design offers aesthetical options not available previously, without falling into formal exercises of little use. The indoor outdoor integration has become a ‘leitmotif’ of the contemporary yachting life and this necessarily impacts the aesthetics of the vessel substantially.Providing a design solution which will remain pleasing while containing huge windows and transparent areas to favour the perception of openness is a must for the contemporary yacht designer.  

Sleekness and beauty, while retaining interior volume is the main concern for this kind of yacht. Besides this we have been extremely meticulous about the detailing both at a global scale, while seeing the yacht from the distance, and for the little subtle ones. Clearly, the shipyard wanted a style with broad appeal that could be easily personalised by prospective clients. From a designer’s perspective, trying to please all the people all the time can easily lead to banality taking precedence over creativity.

Exterior Design:

Elegant & Dynamic Design

44-meter Virtus is the product of a contemporary and sophisticated design approach, resulting in an elegant profile. With no toys visible from the outside, Virtus preserves the spacious layout at 9m beam and her sleek look at any perspective. The glass panes offer a seamless sense of openness onto the world outside and take a significant role to determine the exterior styling.

Endless Entertaining

She features a chic aft beach club with 60 m2 of leisure space, maximizes easy access to marine life and provides a comfortable place to unwind. Although accommodating a 5.2-meter long tender, Virtus offers plenty of space for sunbathing and chilling.

Plentiful Pleasures

Virtus will boast plentiful deck spaces; including a bar, foredeck seating, and sunbathing area. The superyacht sundeck is split between a spa pool and an area for sun loungers back aft, while the sheltered cockpit includes an aft- facing wrap of seating for excellent views out to sea. Exterior dining spaces on the upper deck and sundeck can also be briefly glimpsed in this tantalizing clip.

On Inspiration

The source of our inspiration has always been the nature where efficiency of design andengineering give beings their ultimate form over billions of years of evolution. Thus, our aim was boil to down the fundamental needs of human intuition of coziness and build up from there to give maximised feelings. As the inspiration comes from nature itself, we are actually forming the next-gen version of nature in an arbitrary product without losing the sense of harmony between themselves, as its one. A specific and unique hull colour was used to form the hull, and coherence of its transition to superstructure. The sophisticated and well-thought lines is the ultimate resultof the coupled experience with Mengi Yay.

Interior Design:

The pure and elegant interior incorporates many elements of visionary modern design. The spacious layout, light-coloured furniture and full glass living areas offer a warm and luxury charm. With the clean simplicity of the design results in an inviting, comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. The well-design general arrangement provides an invaluable experience for both guests onboard and the crew. The hidden innovation behind the
visible perspective, offers the ability to perform tasks by the crew without disbursing much effort. The distinction between the guests and the crew was one of the most essential components to create a cozy and home-like experience for the guests. Therefore the interaction is minimised due to the innovation in GA; which actualise the exterior and interior designs.

Main Salon

One of the key approaches behind the saloon interior is to make guests feel that they are actually in the sea with the same comfort they can in their house. There is no boundary between the guests and sea; Floor to ceiling windows and balconies allow an immersive experience with the environment. With natural light coming through full height windows present the light tones and low contrast of the interior, incorporating
many elements of visionary elegant design.


The lobby to the owner’s cabin offers a formal zone. The stylish interior offers a blend of modern art; with the stairs are in marble, stainless steel and leather and the wall, decorated with precious panel as art decò style revisited. The entrance to the cabin is accompanied by an office which provides great atmosphere and leisureliness to work long hours. The owner’s cabin offers a remarkable spaciousness. The bed shares the
approximately same height as windows, enabling the owner to have a full view on the bed.

Guest Area

Lightly toned furnitures and accurate but indirect lightning create a warm and luxury charm. The material that was used to create a bright & natural atmosphere, such as oak wood and first-class leather; coming from a very limited producer located in Austria.


One of the most evocative areas in a super yacht, as it offers countless entertainment and leisure options, such as dinner, a drink at the bar. The exterior and interior design forms a complete integrity. The exterior with the modular furniture could change its shape from a sofa to a sky lounge or can be turned into the sea direction and enjoy the view.


Offering the best views on board, not to mention plenty of space for fitting a spa pool surrounded by sunpads, bar, seating group and sun loungers. This area is comparable to the upper deck space you would usually expect to find on larger superyachts. The hard top covers the majority of this zone, we designed it with a big skylight so that it can look like a transparent roof.

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